IMAX chiefs said this week that Warner Bros' smash action feature 300, which swept past $20m in worldwide receipts on the large screen format in record time, has opened the door to a new demographic for the company.

Zack Snyder's adventure feature has grossed more than $422m worldwide through all formats since it opened on Mar 9.

As of Apr 25 IMAX revenues stood at $22.6m worldwide, incorporating an $18.9m domestic and $3.7m international haul. On Apr 10 it became the fastest 2D digitally remastered IMAX release to cross $20m. 300 is currently playing on around 80 IMAX screens worldwide.

'The success of 300 has expanded our audience into a quadrant that we've tried to capture for a couple of years now - the 15-30-year-old, technologically savvy, comic book crowd,' Greg Foster, chairman and president of IMAX Filmed Entertainment, said.

'It's been hard to coax this demographic to leave their homes because they've been watching movies at home or playing video games. Well, there's no way to replicate the IMAX experience so they had to come to our cinemas. This lets the marketplace know that we appeal to two crowds - the family audience and this new audience.'

Foster said that IMAX would continue to release family titles around the year, while the March slot could emerge as a window for edgier releases. V For Vendetta was released on 2D digitally remastered IMAX format in March 2006.

'The success of this release means we're getting calls from producers, agents and some studios that we've never heard from before,' Foster added. 'It's nice to have a balanced relationship.'

Upcoming IMAX releases include Spider-Man 3 with Sony, and Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix with Warner Bros.