Ben Stassen, the film-maker behind 3D animated adventure Fly Me To The Moon, has closed four more deals on the film which will be released in late summer in the US by Summit.

PlayArte has bought Brazil, Intersonic has taken Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, R Films has taken Turkey and SamFilm has come in for Iceland. Stassen says is fielding offers from the UK, Russia and Canada to the film which has its second market screening today at 2pm.

The film is about three pre-teen flies who stow away inside the helmets of US astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins on their journey to the moon.

Attending his first EFM, Stassen, whose company is nWave Pictures, has been negotiating on the hoof. 'On all the deals I've done so far, I have had bidding situations.' He has licensed Fly Me To The Moon to the buyers for anything from 150,000 Euros to 400,000 Euros.

'It has a lot to do with the timing with Hannah Montana last weekend,' Stassen said of the new-found enthusiasm for 3D product among distributors. What is significant is that even territories that don't have many 3D digital cinemas are pouncing on Fly Me To The Moon. 'They believe it (the 3D boom) will happen for them too. There is huge interest in 3D.'

In certain territories with few digital screens, the film will be released with old-fashioned colour filter glasses. In this way, the film can be seen on 3D in 35mm venues. 'We won't do that in the US or in territories like the UK, France, Spain and Germany, but we will do it in large territories with only a handful of digital screens.'