Bridget Jones's Diary, Intimacy, No Man's Land, Italian for Beginners and The Princess And The Warrior are among 44 European films selected for consideration by the 1,300 members of the European Film Academy (EFA) for the nominations in the category of "European Film 2001" at this year's European Film Awards, which takes place on December 1.

The Berlin-based EFA received a record 300 titles proposed by institutions, specialist film magazines, trade associations, festivals, EFA members and producers from all over Europe and subsequently drew up a short-list of 44 films which have been sent on videocassettes to the academy membership for their consideration.

The 1,300 EFA members will then each be able to nominate up to three films to be considered for the final line-up of films nominated in the "European Film 2001" category.

The list of films under consideration by the EFA are:

Anita No Perd El Tren (Anita Takes A Chance), Spain, Dir: Ventura Pons
Baenken (The Bench), Denmark, Dir: Per Fly
Bridget Jones's Diary, UK, Dir: Sharon Maguire
Chiedimi Se Sono Felice (Ask Me If I'm Happy), Italy, Dir: Aldo, Giovanni-Giacomo and Massimo Venier
Concorrenza Sleale (Unfair Competition), Italy/France, Dir: Ettore Scola
Das Experiment (The Experiment), Germany, Dir: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Der Krieger und die Kaiserin (The Princess and the Warrior), Germany Dir: Tom Tykwer
Die Innere Sicherheit (The State I'm In), Germany, Dir: Christian Petzold
Dust, UK, Dir: Milcho Manchevski
El Bola (Pellet), Spain, Dir: Achero Manas
Elling, Norway, Dir: Petter Naess
Eloge De l'Amour, France/Switzerland, Dir: Jean-Luc Godard
Fugitivas, Spain, Dir: Miguel Hermoso
Hundstage (Dog Days), Austria, Dir: Ulrich Seidl
I Cento Passi (The Hundred Steps), Italy, Dir: Marco Tullio Giordana
Il Mestiere Delle Armi (The Profession Of Arms), Italy, Dir: Ermanno Olmi
Intimacy, France, Dir: Patrice Chereau
Italiensk For Begyndere (Italian For Beginners), Denmark, Dir: Lone Scherfig
Jalla! Jalla!, Sweden, Dir: Josef Fares
Karu Süda (The Heart Of The Bear), Estonia, Dir: Arvo Iho
La Comunidad (Common Wealth), Spain, Dir: Alex de la Iglesia
La Pianiste (Die Klavierspielerin), Austria/France, Dir: Michael Haneke
La Stanza Del Figlio (The Son's Room), Italy, Dir: Nanni Moretti
La Ville Est Tranquille (The Town Is Quiet), France, Dir: Robert Guediguian
Last Orders, UK/Germany, Dir: Fred Schepisi
Last Resort, UK, Dir: Pawel Pawlikowski
Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain (Amelie), France, Dir: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Le Fate Ignoranti (Ignorant Fairies), Italy, Dir: Ferzan Ozpetek
L'Ultimo Bacio (The Last Kiss), Italy, Dir: Gabriele Muccino
Martha... Martha, France, Dir: Sandrine Veysset
Merci Pour Le Chocolat (Nightcap), France, Dir: Claude Chabrol
No Man's Land, France/Italy/Belgium/UK/Slovenia, Dir: Danis Tanovic
Paszport (Passport), Hungary, Dir: Peter Gothar
Pauline & Paulette, Belgium, Dir: Lieven Debrawer
Sexy Beast, UK/Spain, Dir: Jonathan Glazer
Silencio Roto (Broken Silence), Spain, Dir: Montxo Armendariz
Slogans, Albania/France, Dir: Gjergj Xhuvani
Sous Le Sable (Under The Sand), France, Dir: Francois Ozon
Taking Sides, Germany/France/UK/Austria, Dir: Istvan Szabo
Telets (Taurus), Russia, Dir: Alexander Sokurov
Va Savoir (Who Knows), France, Dir: Jacques Rivette
Vou Para Casa (I'm Going Home), Portugal/France, Dir: Manoel de Oliveira
Weiser, Poland, Dir: Wojciech Marczewski
You're The One - Una Historia De Entonces (You're The One - A Tale From Then), Spain, Dir: Jose Luis Garci

During the Flanders International Film Festival in Ghent in mid-October, the EFA board will add a further three titles to the list as well as deciding on the nominations in the categories of European Actor 2001, European Actress 2001, European Screenplay 2001 and European Cinematography 2001.