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  • Sokurov in Locarno

    Sokurov in Locarno


    “L’immagine e la parola”, the first spring spin-off of the Festival del film Locarno, was held March 24-27.

  • SI_Locarno_2012

    Locarno special


    Screen’s special preview of the Locarno Film Festival 2012 spotlights the 12 projects in Open Doors, examines new industry initiatives, details the retrospectives and talks to Aritstic Director Olivier Pere about his ambitions for the festival this year and beyond.

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    Locarno's Pere claims 'perfect balance' for 2011 festival


    The 64th Locarno Film Festival achieved “a perfect balance” this year, according to Olivier Père in his second outing as the festival’s artistic director. Also, the ambitious Casa Del Cinema project could be in place by 2015.

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    Locarno 2011: Key World Premieres


    Hot titles include Headhunters (pictured).

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    Locarno finds a new voice


    This year’s Locarno Film Festival has a distinctly French flavour as the event stakes its claim to become the perfect stepping stone between Cannes and Venice.

  • She, A Chinese

    Locarno 2009 award winners


    The full list of competition winners at the 2009 Locarno International Film Festival

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    Grande expectations


    The Locarno International Film Festival (Aug 5-15) is burnishing its reputation for distinctive arthouse and indie programming with a line-up filled with tales of the unexpected.