Columbia's romantic comedy 50 First Dates grossed an estimated $6.3m from 1,261screens in 12 markets through Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International(CTFDI) at the weekend, raising its international running total to $16.1m.

Highlights were a third place $3.1m bow in the UK on 419 - astrong holiday opening that should see the picture play well with school holidaysscheduled to run all week.

It was bigger than Runaway Bride and close to Anger Management in local currency.

In Mexico Adam Sandlerscored his biggest ever bow as the picture opened third on $1.6m from 338prints. Holidays there also run all week.

The thriller Gothika added $3.9m from 1,635 screens in 35 markets for a$65.6m cumulative score and has passed its $59.6m domestic total. Theinternational total is expected to finish in the mid-$70m region with theAustralian opening lying in wait.

Comic book adaptation Hellboy scored two number one bows in small Asian markets,finishing top in Singapore on $560,000 from 38 and in Taiwan (Taipei only) on$225,000 from 17.

The thriller SecretWindow opened fourth inAustralia on $930,000 from 197 prints and third in New Zealand on $145,000.Overall the picture grossed $1.4m from 375 screens in four markets for $2m.