Maura Ford and Antony Ford’s London-based 7&7 Producers’ Sales Service has added four market premiere titles to its slate ahead of Cannes.

They are Careless Love [pictured], Papadopoulos and Sons, Talking to the Trees, and Percival’s Big Night. Each is screening in Cannes market.

Australian director John Duigan brings Careless Love, a drama about a student (Nammi Le) who takes on escort work to pay her father’s debts.

In Marcus Markou’s Papadopoulos and Sons, Stephen Dillane and Georges Corraface star as estranged brothers dealing with the UK credit crunch.

Ilaria Borrelli and Guido Freddi’s Talking To The Trees is an English-language drama filmed in Cambodia, about a European woman trying to save a young girl from a brothel.

William C Sullivan directs US comedy Percival’s Big Night, about pot-smoking Brooklyn roommates (Jarret Kerr stars).

“We pride ourselves on collaboration with our filmmakers during the entire sales process and a cooperative relationship with the buyers,” said 7&7’s managing director Maura Ford. “By acting as an enabler for a direct link between producer and buyer, we find that the creative energy that crafted the film manages to flow right the way through distribution. We are very proud to be representing such a diverse and excellent slate of international features this year and we are expecting a very busy market.”