The UK's Richard Stanley, France's Tony Baillargeat, Spain's Nacho Cerda, Belgium's Harry Kuemel and Germany's Benjamin Quabeck are to contribute to a second edition of the '99-euro films' series of digitally produced shorts which is now being opened up to European filmmakers.

Producer Torsten Neumann and creative director RP Kahl have attracted backing from Lower Saxony's NordMedia fund for nine eight-minute films which will be shot on mini-DV this summer with shooting budgets of Euros 99 for a world premiere at the Oldenburg Film Festival (September 4-8).

'The nine stories from nine European cities are not intended to be like a Europudding', says Kahl, who will be shooting footage for links between each film. ' Each filmmaker can preserve his own character and style to show the diversity of European cinema'.

The first batch of 99-euro films - 12 five-minute shorts - by Kahl, Michael Klier, Martin Walz, and actors Nicolette Krebitz and Peter Lohmeyer, were premiered at the Oldenburg Film Festival last September and also screened with great success as part of the Perspectives German Cinema sidebar at this year's Berlinale.