DirkDe Lille has left leading independent Benelux distributor A-Film for"personal reasons." His departure was confirmed yesterday in Venice by A-Film CEO Pim Hermeling.

Itis yet to be announced who will replace De Lille. "Sofar, I haven't decided," Hermeling said. He addedthat he was not looking for a new director but for someone "who will be incharge of TV and new media but also helping me out with acquisitions."

Onename being bandied around as a possible recruit at A-Film is Erik Engelen, formerly of ParadisoFilmed Entertainment. Netherlands-based A-Film already works closely withBelgian-based Paradiso, but Hermelingsaid that "so far, there was nothing to confirm" regarding new appointments.

A-Filmis releasing two of the buzz titles in this year's Venice competition, Stephen Frears' The Queenand Paul Verhoeven's Black Book. However, Hermeling hassuggested that with four US studio films incompetition in Venice, there have been thinpickings for indie distributors. "I like it here.It's a good festival, but all the films are (with) majors, which I don't thinkis a good thing for the independent market."