Dutch distributor A-Film is aboard The Heineken Kidnap, featuring Rutger Hauer’s first major role in a Dutch language movie in 30 years, and is planning a substantial release for the movie across Benelux in late October of this year.

The Heineken Kidnap tells the tru story of the renowned beer tycoon who was kidnapped in Amsterdam in 1983 along with his chauffeur and then released after 35 days on a ransom of 35 million guilders (about 16 million Euros). 

After his release Heineken made it his personal mission to pursue his kidnappers, who -after a long and intense cat and mouse legal battle- were eventually caught and served their prison terms.

The ransom was never completely recovered.  Alfred Heineken died in 2002.

The Heineken Kidnap is directed by TV drama and commercial veteran Maarten Treurniet. 

Producer Frans van Gestel from IDTV Film  was representing the film this month in Cannes.

“I cannot think of a better actor to portray Alfred Heineken then Rutger Hauer, the biggest talent to emerge from the Netherlands,” Van Gestel commented.