Ambitious Dutch distributionoutfit A-Film is continuing to ramp up. Here in Santa Monica, company CEO PimHermeling has announced that former Paradiso executive Erik Engelen is to runthe company's new Belgian arm from the offices in Antwerp.

Hermeling also revealed thatA-Film is looking to set up a production fund. The idea, he said, is to enableproducers 'really to develop the scripts they're working on instead ofgoing into production just to produce.' Full details of how the fund willbe structured are likely to be announced within the next six months.

The company is alsomaintaining its relationship with local producers. A-Film recently struck afour-picture deal with producer Jacqueline De Goei and is continuing to workclosely with Motel, San Fu Maltha and Shooting Star.

Meanwhile, A-Film remains avoracious buyer of international, local language, art house and crossovertitles. Its recent pick-ups include Venus (from The Works), Away From Her (from HanWay) and Buenos Aires 1977 (from Wild Bunch.) It has also taken rights toBelgian title Koen Mortier's Ex-Drummer, billed by Engelen as 'a Gaspar Noe-like descent into Flemishhell.'