Is Open Water another Blair Witch Project'

After an impressive openingweekend gross of $1m on just 47 domestic screens this weekend, Lions Gate Filmsis banking on word-of-mouth for the micro-budgeted sea-bound chiller to capture the nation'simagination and bring in some big grosses.

And Lions Gate FilmsInternational isn't far behind, hoping to capitalize on the domestic excitementwith a swift global rollout unprecedented in the division's history.

The first wave will see thepicture open in France through Metropolitan on more than 200 screens on Aug 11,in Spain through DeA Planeta on 152 on Aug 13, and in Italy through Eagle on167 on Aug 19.

Open Water will open in the French-speaking part of Switzerlandaround the same time as Italy through Ascot Elite/Universum, followed by SouthKorea on Aug 27.

Mexico is due to open onSept 3, followed by the UK on Sept 10, Germany on Sept 23 and Brazil sometimethat month. Australia is next on Oct 7 and Japan will open in 2005.

"We have a unique film hereand this is the fist time we have gone out like this," Lions GateInternational co-president Nick Meyer told Screendaily.

"The plan is to get itout in countries that have a beach culture, while the water's still warm enoughfor people to swim."