Privately held Singaporean company MusicDNA Pte has announced the formation of the Asia Academy Of Music Arts & Sciences (AAMAS)

Described as Asia’s first peer-driven Academy to celebrate excellence in music, AAMAS was also established to foster collaboration between all sectors of the music industry in Asia and beyond.

Launched with the blessing of Singapore’s MDA and Economic Development Board, AAMAS is designed to create a platform for regional and global industry players to network and explore business opportunities.

AAMAS members may live anywhere in the world but must be engaged professionally or academically in the music industry within Asia. Four classifications of membership to AAMAS are open to all those affiliated with the music industry: voting, professional, student and honorary.

The body was more than two years in the planning and already counts more than 3,000 people as members. A governing board of approximately 20 will be named shortly. 

The inaugural AAMAS Encore Show will take place at the MGM Grand Sanya Resort in Hainan, China, in April 2012. AAMAS top brass are in talks with Chinese authorities to encourage music industry professionals and students to join.

“AAMAS is a momentous effort that, for the first time, brings the global music industry together to build a richer future and introduce the music of Asia to the world’s stage,” AAMAS co-founder Senn Moses said. “Music is truly a universal language and we are proud AAMAS will serve as the intersection of arts, commerce and development for the wealth of musical talent that all of Asia has to offer.”