Principalphotography is set to begin in New York on Nov 29 on Tomax Aponte's psychologicalthriller Absolute Tangerine.

Theproject features a cast of US and Latin America's Telenovela actors and starsPatricia Rae, Craig Wasson, John Heard, Gary Perez, Francisco Gattorno, Sissi,Lou Torres, and newcomer Jeremiah Sayys.

Setin present day New York, the story tells of a mother who searches for hermissing son while trying to evade a group of killers who want to silence herafter she witnessed a crime.

'Thefilm's inspiration came out of various inner city stories involving Latinos andthe social issues that affect them,' Aponte, who also wrote the screenplay,said in a statement.

Mevlut Akkaya and HowardNash are serving as producers.