The most significant changes for the 85th Annual Academy Awards expand members’ opportunities to view contenders and allow more members to vote.

In the documentary feature category, the entire documentary branch will receive all eligible titles for the first round of voting. Filmmakers must submit 200 DVDs, rising from the mandatory 30 previously required.

For the final round of voting members must still watch all the nominated films and will be allowed to do so via DVD screeners or a digital format.

Contenders will still need to complete the seven-day qualifying runs in New York and Los Angeles advertised in at least one major newspaper, with the recently publicised additional requirement of a review in The New York Times and/or the Los Angeles Times.

In the animated short film and live-action short film categories, members must view all contenders and may do so on a screener. Films shown during their theatrical run in a non-standard format such as IMAX will have to be submitted to the Academy in a standard theatrical aspect ratio and a format that is compatible with Academy exhibition.

Members would not be required to attend additional screenings in non-standard formats.

  • The Academy also announced late on Thursday (12) that the 5,783 voting Academy members must return their completed Oscar nominations ballots to PricewaterhouseCoopers by 5pm PT on Jan 13.