Costume designers were previously part of the designers branch, which also includes production designers, art directors and set decorators.

Academy governor Jeffrey Kurland will transfer to the new branch and eventually two additional governors will join him.

“History was made at the board of governors meeting on Wednesday night with the formation of a costume designers branch,” said Kurland. “Costume designers have waited a long time for recognition with branch status. As a governor representing these designers, I’m thrilled and grateful for the Academy’s support.”

The governors also voted to increase the representation of the make-up artists and hairstylists branch from one to three governors. Two new governors will be chosen by election later this year to join current governor Leonard Engelman.

The new costume designers branch governors and the two new make-up artists and hairstylists branch governors will increase the size of the Academy board to 48 members. Three governors will now represent each of the 16 branches