The Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences has invited 83 countries to submit films forconsideration in the foreign language film category for the 79th AcademyAwards.

Last week Academy members changed the rules so that foreign language entriescan be submitted in any language or combination of languages so long as thedominant language is not English.

The ruling was designed to clear up an anomaly that has blocked entries like SaverioCostanzo's Italian entry Privateand Michael Haneke's Austrian drama Cache that were not predominantly shot in the language of their originatingcountry.

The revised regulations effectively mean that entries from Azerbaijan orKyrgyzstan, for example, both of which are invited to participate for the firsttime this year, could feature entirely Singhalese dialogue. Accurate Englishsubtitles are required, however.

To qualify for the 2006 awards year, an entry must be released in thesubmitting country between Oct 1 2005 and Sept 30 2006 and be screened publiclyin 35mm or 70mm film for at least seven consecutive days in a commercialtheatre.

Entry forms must be received at the Academy by Oct 2, and film prints must bereceived by Oct 13. Only one picture will be accepted from each country.

The 79th Academy Awards are set to take place on Feb 25 2007 at theKodak Theatre in Hollywood.