The board of governors announced on Wednesday (25) material changes in the way companies will be allowed to promote films and talent to voting members this upcoming season..

From the day the nominations are announced on Jan 15 2013 to the show itself on Feb 19 2013, Academy members will not be allowed to attend more than four screenings of a nominated film where nominees or those who were eligible for nomination take part in a Q&A or “other such participation”. A fifth event in the UK is permissible.

None of these screening events can include a reception or offer complementary food or drink. These limitations do not apply to Academy screenings or those held by guilds or “similar organisations”.

Under the new regulations, members may receive films to view via DVD screener or digital download.

A film company will be allowed to send only one piece of mail and one email a week to members. They cannot send links to sites promoting a film in any way, however film companies may send links to the videos in the “Academy Conversations” series on

The Academy augmented its existing ban on film companies using third parties to distribute prohibited materials. The statement from the Academy stipulated that film companies “may not have a publication use its subscriber lists to send stand alone materials to members, except in connection with the distribution of the publication itself. This amendment does not affect a company’s ability to place their usual promotional materials in trade publications.”

While guilds and other awards bodies can hold non-screening events after the nominations are out, film companies may not use such occasions to sponsor promotional events that would violate Academy regulations.

“These rules help us maintain a level playing field for all of the nominees and protect the integrity of the awards process,” Academy president Tom Sherak said.