There are no restrictions prior to the nominations announcement on screening events to which Academy members may be invited and which may involve the participation of individuals involved with the film or receptions with food and drink. However everything changes once the nominees are unveiled.

After that point, receptions are no longer allowed at screenings involving filmmakers to which Academy members are invited. The number of screenings of a particular film remains unlimited, however individuals involved in a film cannot take part in more than two panel discussions.

Until Wednesday’s (21) rule change Academy members could not be invited to any screening that included live filmmaker participation or a reception either before or after the nominations announcement.

Between the announcement of the nominees and the time when final polls close, members cannot be invited to or attend any non-screening event promoting or honouring a film or individual nominee.

The nominees are also banned from attending such events. Academy-sanctioned events and awards ceremonies presented by the various guilds, critics groups and other organisations are exempt.

The regulations now stress that theatrical is the preferred manner of seeing films. Campaigners and studios may still mail out screeners, albeit with restrictions on packaging and accompanying materials. Digital delivery is fine too as long as the method conforms to regulations.

The ongoing ban on negative campaigning aimed at rivals now extends to social media platforms. Academy members in violation for the first time will be suspended for one year and face life expulsion if they reoffend.

Academy members are forbidden from supplying quotes, be they negative or positive, to any campaign.