Breaking news from the annual meeting of the American Cinema Editors, two days after it broke at the annual meeting on June 10: they’ve been streamlining acronyms.

Yes, gentle reader, gargantuan grammatical goings-on have been germinating over at ACE headquarters and the group has decided to shorten the suffix that follows members’ names.

Gone are the periods that once graced A.C.E. and what has emerged instead is something far slicker and more brilliant than anything any of us could possibly have imagined – ACE.

There’s more. The comma immediately after a member’s name will remain optional and at that person’s discretion. I know. So going forward, a name might appear as Joe Bloggs, ACE or – and here’s the kicker – simply Joe Bloggs ACE.

“This modernised version conforms with the industry standard employed by many of our colleagues, which helps simplify its use for all concerned,” said ACE president Alan Heim, ACE – who elected to preserve his comma.

“As it always has, the acronym indicates ACE membership and the highest level of accomplishment.”

Indeed. One thing that pesky punctuation cannot alter is the high regard in which we hold American Cinema Editors. We don’t mean to poke too much fun because this is clearly a Matter Of Significance Quite Unlike The Industry’s Other Trivial Offerings.

And you can write that acronym M.O.S.Q.U.I.T.O. or MOSQUITO as you see fit.