Adrian Bull has joined Cinelabs International as Chief Technology Officer.

He also becomes a partner in the business.

Cinelabs is now concentrating on delivering film laboratory needs, filling a gap left in the market as the large labs move towards digital-only services.

Bull is a 25-year veteran who has worked at Deluxe, Technicolor and the Ascent Media Group.

Philip Crewe, also from Deluxe, becomes Director of Technology and Operations.

“I am delighted to have Adrian as a partner in the business,” said Rodrigo Ruiz-Tarazona, CEO at Cinelabs “His technical and operational expertise is unparalleled and he has the vision to explore the opportunities that exist for leveraging the lower costbase of Eastern Europe to deliver attractive outsource solutions to the market. Our business has taken a significant step forward and I’m delighted to have him as my business partner.”

“To be able to offer a viable Europe wide solution for the film and TV community who appreciate film as a medium is very compelling,” added Bull. “We will deliver a high quality, reliable film processing service and provide enhanced digital solutions that ensure Cinelabs is known as the film makers partner regardless of their choice of acquisition or delivery format. We will also be developing services to meet the needs of content owners as well as creators. Coupled with operations in Romania and Greece, we expect to extend our experience and brand into new territories including the Middle East which offer considerable media growth opportunities.”