Summit Entertainment hasclosed a deal with Korean major distributor Showbox Mediaplex forEnglish-language thriller Adrift. About a groupof holiday-makers who get stranded in the water without a ladder to get back upinto their yacht - with a baby alone on board, the film was all but sold out inBerlin.

Korean acquisitionsexecutives had nevertheless found it a problematic film to buy for theirmarket, citing similarities to Open Water,the Sundance film festival hit about a couple stranded in shark-infested watersafter scuba-diving. That film achieved amodest 60,000 admissions on theatrical release in Korea through CJ - but many more saw the film as a resultof Internet downloads.

"The consensus was thatit would be a very difficult title to promote in Korea," says Chris Lee, acquisitions executive at Showbox. "But, it's an edgy film with potential. Itmay seem similar to Open Water but italso has the people going through probable ways to get back on board the boat,and it keeps you wondering how they will make it out of the water."

Showbox is currently holding internal discussions on thebest way to promote and position the film.

Summit's David Garrettcommented that he was "glad to say Adrift has found a good home,"adding that Summit had previously found success in Korea with melodrama If Only taking in more in Korea thanfrom the rest of the world combined.