AFI DALLAS International Film Festival has received a $1m gift from Dallas philanthropist Nancy Hamon as organisers plan the second festival in 2008.

'This is a significant financial milestone for AFI DALLAS as we continue planning for our second festival,' founder, chairman and festival director Liener Temerlin said.

'Nancy Hamon has been the impetus for so much significant work in the community, from the arts to education to medical, to every important discipline in the human experience.

'We are honoured that she has chosen us as one of the many worthy causes she supports and has supported year after year.'

'I have always loved the movies,' Hamon said, 'I appeared in several films in the 40's as a dancer After seeing all the film festival successes of last year, including AFI DALLAS' great work with the Arts Magnet - another group dear to my heart - I wanted to do what I could to help this great film festival become one of the best in the country. Dallas deserves it.'

The second annual AFI DALLAS International Film Festival will take place from March 27-April 6 2008 and will include special recognition of the Hamon support.