AFI FEST 2013 top brass have issued details of the four films selected by guest artistic director Agnes Varda.

Varda’s programme features Robert Bresson’s 1959 Pickpocket, John Cassavetes’ 1974 A Woman Under The Influence, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1979 The Marriage Of Maria Braun and Martin Scorsese’s 1985 After Hours.

In addition the festival will present a selection of Varad’s films including Cleo From 5 To 7 and Documenteur.

“It’s always good to be chosen, but it’s funny to be chosen to choose, therefore I immediately accepted the invitation from AFI FEST to propose some films for their program,” said Varda.

“They suggested that I pick some films that have influenced me. Alas, I can’t. When I wrote and shot my first film in 1954, La Point Courte, I had hardly seen 10 films.

“My culture was books, painting and theatre. Alain Resnais, who edited my film, was the one who told me about cinema and suggested that I go to the Cinemathèque, which I had not approached before.

“If I had seen the masterpieces that I discovered later I certainly would not have dared to create a film at 26. My ignorance gave me freedom and audacity. For AFI FEST I chose four films that have been important in my life.

This year’s festival takes place from November 7-14.