Maya Entertainment has closed a raft of sales at AFM on its upcoming release Across The Line: The Exodus Of Charlie Wright.

Andy Garcia (pictured), Aidan Quinn, Luke Goss, Danny Pino, Mario Van Peebles and Gina Gershon star in R Ellis Frazier’s (La Linea) story about a billionaire frauster pursued through Mexico by the FBI, a Mexican crime lord and a Russian assassin.

Rights have gone to Germany (Ascote Elite), France (Bac Films), Italy (Multivision), Scandinavia (CCV), Australia (Pinnacle), Benelux (Three Lines Pictures), Canada (VVS), Greece (Hollywood), Latin America (California Filmes) and Turkey (D Productions).

Deal also closed in Poland (Epelpol), Romania (Programs4media), Croatia (Karantanija Cinemas), Ukraine (Aurora), China (Time Amadeus), India (Taiweenr Group), Indonesia (Globo TV), Middle East (Eagle Films) and Thailand (M Pictures).

“We’re very happy with the reception the film received at AFM,” Maya’s executive vice-president of international distribution Elias Axume said. “With an international cast and a great creative team behind it, Across The Line speaks to the kind of multicultural projects that are key to our business.”

Frazier produced with Jacov Bresler and Geoffrey G Ross, while Bob Dziadkowiec served as executive producer.