Twenty films from differentproducers will screen on the last day of the 2003 AFM in an inaugural programmedesigned to showcase independent features to distributors and sales agents. TheAFM Producer Screenings are scheduled to take place on Feb 26, the last day ofthe 23rd American Film Market in Santa Monica. The American Film MarketingAssociation (AFMA) said feature-length narratives and documentaries with theleast amount of exposure would be selected for private market screenings.

'This is a uniqueopportunity for producers to present their just-completed films at the largestgathering of acquisition executives in the world,' Jonathan Wolf, managingdirector of the AFM and executive vice president of AFMA, said in a statement.'It's part of the AFMA' s continuing commitment to delivering globalaudiences to films produced outside the studio system.'

Qualifying entries must beat least 80 minutes in length, screened on 35mm or 70mm, produced in 2002 or2003 and have a minimum budget of $250,000. Films will be accepted in anylanguage. The 20 films chosen for the program will be shown at the samecommercial theaters where all other AFM screenings take place.

There is no submission fee.Selected films will be charged a screening fee of $2,200, which includes twofull-market AFM badges and various other services designed to promote the filmduring the market.

Submission deadline for theAFM Producer Screenings is Jan 24 2003 and applicants will be notified on Jan28.