EddieO'Flaherty's boxing drama Fighting Tommy Riley and Nickolas Perry and Harry Thomason'spolitical documentary The Hunting Of The President are among a line-up of 31 independentfeatures selected for the AFM's Premiere Screenings Programme.

The titles wereannounced yesterday (26) by Jonathan Wolf, executive vice president of theIndependent Film & Television Alliance and AFM managing director.

The screeningprogramme runs from Nov 3-9 and was established in 1999 to broaden access toaudiences beyond acquisition and distribution executives, and is open to badgedentertainment industry workers and Santa Monica residents.

The 31 titles inthe AFM's Premiere Screenings Programme are:

Admissions (Curb Entertainment International Corp)

Dead &Breakfast (ArclightFilms)

Deck Dogz (Arclight Films)

FamiliaRodante (Lumina Films)

FightingTommy Riley (CurbEntertainment International Corp)

FunnyValentine (InteractiveFilm Sales International)

The HillsideStrangler (ArclightFilms)

The HuaduChronicles: Blade Of The Rose (Arclight Films)

Human Error (IndustryWorks Distribution Inc)

The Huntingof the President (RegentEntertainment)

Hypnotized (CJEntertainment)

Imelda (Unitel Pictures International)

Indian Cowboy (Passion River)

Intoxicating (American World Pictures)

Lady Luck& The Player(Zenpix)

A Moment ToRemember (CJ Entertainment)

Mr Gam'sVictory (CJEntertainment)

My Brother (CJ Entertainment)

My FirstWedding (American WorldPictures)

Off the Lip (Zenpix)

Out Of Season (Bauer Martinez Studios)

The PictureOf Dorian Gray (AmericanWorld Pictures)

The Queen OfSheba's Pearls (SvenskFilmindustri)

Rice Rhapsody (Arclight Films)

S Diary (CJ Entertainment)

Shut Up AndKiss Me (American WorldPictures)

Straight IntoDarkness (DreamEntertainment)

Straight-Jacket (Regent Entertainment)

StrangeBedfellows (ArclightFilms)

The Whistle (Worldwide Film Entertainment)

Window Theory(American World Pictures)