A record 410exhibitors have registered to attend the upcoming AFM in Santa Monica from Nov2-9 in what organisers say will be the largest event in the market's history.

The 15% increaseon last year's exhibitor attendance is generated by a record pool of 33countries, including for the first time companies from Vietnam, Russia, Taiwan,Egypt, and Greece.

"Recordsare great, but what's truly exciting is the breadth of the increase,"Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) executive vice president andAFM managing director Jonathan Wolf said.

"Withfirst-time exhibitors coming from 24 countries, it's clear that the globalindependent film industry is healthy and growing."

As previouslyannounced, AFM organisers have added a second floor of offices at Le MerigotHotel adjacent to usual venue The Loews.

The market is scheduled torun from Nov 2-9, in conjunction with the AFI FEST 2005, which runs from Nov3-13.