The 2001 board of directors for the American Film Marketing Association (AFMA) was elected yesterday at the organisation's annual membership meeting.

'The new board continues the tradition of a strong, diverse and experienced group of industry executives, one that reflects the breadth of the independent industry that we represent,' said chairman Kathy Morgan in a statement.

Elected to the executive committee for a two-year term are: Lewis Horwitz (vice chairman), Lloyd Kaufman (vice chairman), Howard Kaplan (vice chairman, finance) and Lawrence Garrett (chairman of AFEA, AFMA's export arm).

Newly elected to a one-year term on the board of directors are: Rob Aft, Jere Hausfater, Paul Hertzberg and Andrew Stevens.

Re-elected to the board are: Steve Bickel, Talaat Captan, Sharyon Cobe, Roger Corman, Mark Damon, Pierre David, Peter Elson, Brad Krevoy, Avi Lerner, Robert Meyers, Barbara Mudge, Jean Ovrum, Steven Paul, Lawrence Safir, Rick Sands, William Shields.

Elected as alternates are: Jonathan Kramer and Peter Rogers.

Chairman Kathy Morgan, vice chairman, secretary Michael F Goldman and general vice chairman Todd Leavitt remain on the executive committee for the second of their two-year terms.