Following extensivereorganisation that has seen the American Film Market (AFM) move to a Novemberslot and link up with the AFI Fest, AFMA has switched its name to theIndependent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA).

It is understood the changeresponded to a need for a name that more clearly identified independentproducer and distributor members, and their role in the worldwide marketplace.

Organisation chiefs havebeen working hard to bolster IFTA's international credentials and appeal to abroader membership base outside the US, a policy that has been reflected in agrowing non-US contingent at board level (Screendaily Sept 24, 2003).

'This is a significantyear for us and it is important that our members are part of an organisationwith a name that reflects the global nature of our business today," AFMAchairman Michael Ryan said in a statement.

"The acronym AFMA did nottruly represent the mandate of our organisation and its involvement in film andtelevision.

"We believe the new name ismore appropriate for our international membership and that it will have lastingqualities."

The AFM is scheduled to takeplace in Santa Monica from Nov 3-10. This is IFTA's 25th anniversary year.