Panikos Chrysanthou's Akamas won the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival's Orpheus Award for best narrative feature and Valerie Kontakos's Who's On First won corresponding documentary honours as the festival closed on Jun 17.

A Special Jury Award went to Dimitris Koutsiabasakos for The Guardian's Son. Alexander Voulgaris was named best director for Pink, while Christos Nikoleris' Mines won the best short film award. The Audience Award went to Stefan Haupt's documentary A Song For Argyris.

Olympia Dukakis collected the Orpheus Award for Lifetime Achievement and Yani Begakis received an honorary Orpheus Award following the closing night screening of Kimon Tsakiris' Sugartown: The Bridegooms.

Udayan Prasad's Opa! opened the festival on Jun 14. For more information visit the official website at