Anumber two opening in Germany helped to raise Alexander's international running total to an estimated $32.7mfollowing a $3.8m weekend haul through I.S. Film Distribution on 1,345 screens in 25 territories.

Figures are incomplete due to the holiday season, with particularly lengthy reportingdelays expected in many parts of Asia following the weekend's devastatingtsunami.

Alexander grossed an estimated$1.9m on 499 German screens over the four-day weekend there, performing welleither side of Christmas Day to rank second behind the opening of Ocean'sTwelve.

Greece added approximately $198,000 on 70 for $2.3m after four weekends,Portugal has produced $1.1m after the same amount of time, and Denmark andSweden have grossed $1.5m and $1.4m respectively after five weekends.