Powered by a massive launchin Spain, IS Film Distribution's Alexander grossed an estimated $16.9m on approximately 3,000 screens in 35territories at the weekend to raise its cumulative total to $66.3m, roughlytwice as much as the picture has taken in North America.

The epic grossed $6.9m(Euros5.1m) on 396 Spanish screens that marked the fourth biggest debut of alltime in the territory behind Shrek 2, The Matrix Reloaded and The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.

In France Alexander opened top on $3.9m (Euros2.8m) on 530 screens and485,553 admissions, while Belgium produced $572,195 (Euros421,755) on 46 anddrew 61,465 admissions.

Strong holdovers saw thepicture add $1.5m on 268 South Korean screens in its second weekend for a $6.9mrunning total there, while Germany yielded $1.6m (Euros1.1m) on 499 in itsthird weekend for third place and a $8.4m cumulative total.