Alexander grossed an estimated $4m on 686international screens at the weekend, powered by eight number one debuts includingMexico through Warner Bros.

The pictureopened on $1.3m on 400 screens in Mexico through Warner Bros and scored astrong $948,356 on 83 in Greece, where Athens accounted for $51,155.

The Greek result was especially impressive given that thelocal televised football derby between Olimpiakos and Panathinaikos took placeon Saturday.

In other numberone launches Alexander took $526,767 on 39 in the UAE, $412,809 on 53 inPortugal, $373,529 on 45 in Norway, and $191,327 on 27 in Singapore.

The listincluded $109,960 on six in Serbia for the fourth biggest debut of the yearbehind Troy and localtitles Robbery Of The Third Reich and Life Is A Miracle, $73,270 on 30 in Israel, and $41,368 on three in Latvia for thesixth biggest opening of all time there.

Decent holdoversproduced just under $400,000 on 110 in Taiwan for a $1.8m running total there,$442,510 on 62 in the Philippines, more than $325,000 on 64 in Turkey, $265,814on 48 in Denmark, and $84,403 on 11 in Croatia.

To date Alexander has grossed $14.2m in all its markets,however not all territories had reported grosses at time of writing. Nextweekend's launches include Argentina through Warner Bros.