Fuelled by a $2.2m numberone opening in Australia on 224 screens at the weekend, Fox International'shorror-thriller Alien Vs Predatorraised its international running total by $3.2m from 902 screens to $21.6m.

A $1.7m second place openingin Germany on 501 screens was the prime mover in Dodgeball's weekend as it added $6.1m on 2,209 screens for$37.7m.

Elsewhere the comedy openedtop in Austria on $235,000 on 53 and scored an exceptional $56,000 number onedebut in Iceland on five screens.

The comedy Garfield used a $4.3m weekend haul from 2,384 screens toelevate its running total to $106.8m, powered by a strong third weekend hold inAustralia that added $1.1m for a $5.7m running total there.

The sci-fi thriller I,Robot added $3.2m for $177.5m,remaining top in its third weekend in Japan on $2.4m for a superb $21m runningtotal there.

The distributor alsoreleased Wong Kar Wai's sci-fi romance 2046 in Hong Kong, where it ranked third on $495,000 on41 screens, and Taiwan, where it opened second on $206,000 on 73.