Fox International is planning a big UK push for WoodyAllen's Melinda And Melinda following the film's positive reception lastweek at the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Fox will release the film in the UK on January 28, withits launch backed by a touring Allen and members of the cast.

Allen's last two films have had an unenthusiasticreaction in the UK - Anything Else took just £352,900 and HollywoodEnding was not released.

Already being hailed by the critics both in Spain andinternationally as a return to form, Melinda and Melinda is beingreleased in Europe before the US, where it will open on March 18.

Spain is the first to open October 29, followed by Italy on December 22, France onJanuary 12, Germany on February 3, and the United Kingdom on January 28.

Fox Searchlight financed thefilm and is distributing in the US with Fox International releasing overseas,making it the first time in a decade that all worldwide territories on an Allenfilm are being handled by a single company.

"We always thought Melinda And Melinda was areturn to form," said Christian Grass, Fox's Executive Vice President Europe,Middle East and Africa. "The San Sebastian reaction has proved us right. Thisfilm really has a chance to break out in the UK, especially with the cast includingWill Ferrell, if we push it aggressively."

Melinda And Melinda will go to the Cork, Londonand Hof Film Festivals in October and Allen will embark on a publicity tour ofEurope from mid-December with key cast members.