Universal's comedy AlongCame Polly got its international campaign off to a strong start inAustralia through UIP at the weekend, opening top on an estimated $1.9m from193 sites.

The film will open in therest of the world over the next three months, starting with Portugal on Feb 6.

The dance drama Honeyraised its international running total to $11.5m, where the highlights included$315,000 from 356 sites in its fifth weekend in Germany, dropping 57% foreighth place and a $7.4m running total there.

It added $310,000 from 193in Australia, dropping 57% for 11th place and a $3m total. Honeyopened well in New Zealand in fifth place on $125,000 from 35.

Lost In Translation raised its international cumulative score to $2.3m.It opened 10th on $120,000 from 35 in Mexico and on limited releaseopened ninth in Brazil on $80,000 from 28. It held well in Australia on$170,000, dropping only 11% in its fifth week for $2.1m.

Love Actually added $1.9M from 1,500 sites in 17 countries for$149.3m. Including non-UIP markets like France and Russia, the romantic comedyhas grossed more than $157.5m and has eight markets to go, including Japan onFeb 7.

Peter Pan raised its total for UIP markets (Australia, NewZealand, South Africa and the UK) to $21.3m. It added $105,000 from 109 in itssixth week in Australia for a $6m running total there and took $1m from 410 inits fifth week in the UK, where it played in matinees at an extra 176 theatresand dropped 20% overall for seventh place and $13.4m.