Leadingfigures from the New Argentine Cinema have been invited to serve on new jurieswhich are being established at this year's LocarnoFilm Festival under the new artistic director Frederic Maire.

FilmmakerLisandro Alonso, whosedirecting credits include La Libertad, Los Muertos and the as-yet-unreleased Fantasmas, will be a jury memberof the new Leopard for best first film competition recognising a work in theInternational Competition or in the Filmmakers of the Present sidebar.

Meanwhile,Hernan Musaluppi, producerof such films as Los GuantesMagicos, NoSos Vos,Soy Yo, Whiskyand the Berlinale 2006 competition film El Custodio,will be a juror for the new Filmmakers of the Present competition.

Atthe end of last month, Maire was in Buenos Aires to view the last of theArgentine-produced films entered for consideration for the 59th Locarno Film Festival.