The towering artisticachievements of the late Robert Altman, the towering artistic achievements ofthe very much alive Clint Eastwood, and the rise of self-created media onYouTube are among the AFI's eight 2006 Moments Of Significance.

Announcing their latest annual selection of the year's most salient themes, trends and people, AFI jurors eulogised Altman for his "exceptional diversity in genre,but always with his indelible signature".

Meanwhile Eastwood was hailed as a national treasure and a paragon of post-9/11 sensibility for releasing twofilms - Flags Of Our Fathersand Letters From Iwo Jima -that tell the same story from opposite perspectives.

Moments of Significance included the power of the documentary - withspecial mention going to An Inconvenient Truth, Iraq In Fragments, and Spike Lee's televised When The Levees Broke - and the migration of news from TV to theinternet with the fusion of journalism and comedy.

Also making the list were the official demise of VHS and the emergence ofdigital platforms, News Corp chief Rupert Murdoch's decision to bow to publicpressure and scrap a televised interview in which OJ Simpson offered a hypothetical description of how he could have murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, and the networks' decision to challenge "vague andinconsistent" Federal Communications Commission rulings on indecency.