has partneredwith Ridley and Tony Scott's RSA USA production company and creativeagency Fallon Worldwide to launch the short film series Amazon Theatre.

Starting today (9) andcontinuing each Tuesday for the next four weeks, Amazon will release a newtitle exclusively to customers, viewable either on the gateway pageor as a download.

The series opens with Portrait starring Minnie Driver and directed by Jordan Scott.On Nov 16 Amazon will release Tony Scott's psychedelic love story AgentOrange, followed on Nov 23 by DoGeese See God starring BlairUnderwood.

The Tooth Fairy is released on Nov 30 and Careful What You WishFor, starring Daryl Hannah andMichael Pras, rounds out the series on Dec 7.

"We are thrilled topartner with tremendously talented directors, producers, and actors to createand debut Amazon Theatre, and offer it as a free holiday gift," JeffBezos, founder and chief executive officer, said in a statement.

"Amazon Theatre filmsare different, quirky, odd, funny, sweet, touching, affecting little storiesthat capture moments in time with different people," Tony Scott added.

"I think it's verybrave and daring and innovative for to be doing this - to bebringing short films to millions of people in this unique way."