New features by Alejandro Amenabar, Giuseppe Piccioni and Raoul Ruiz are among the 12 European co-productions supported with over Euros 4.6m by the Council of Europe's pan-European co-production fund Eurimages in its latest round of funding.

Three projects - Amenabar's Spanish-French-Italian co-production Mar Adentro, Piccioni's Italian-German co-production La Vita Che Vorrei and Bob Decout's Franco-Belgian-Spanish co-production Les Gens Honnetes Vivent En France - were supported with a total of Euros 1.86m in Eurimages' first funding category for larger projects with commercial promise.

The remaining Euros 2.8m were channelled into nine co-production projects supported in the second funding category promoting cultural diversity, including Raoul Ruiz's Le Livre A Rendre, Bela Tarr's The Man From London, Harry Cleven's Trouble, Wilhelm van de Sande Bakhyzen's Spoon and Bohdan Stama's Naco Jaco Stesti (Something like Happiness).