Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End continues to hold on to the top spot despite a 52% drop - it raked in $103.2m from 103 territories bringing its total to a whopping $406.4m in its second weekend. Spider-Man 3 remains firmly in second place, generating $12.6m in its fifth weekend, for a running total of $526.8m. Korean romantic comedy Secret Sunshine was up 63% after expanding into an additional 55 screens in its home territory. And Mark Wahlberg thriller Shooter shot up 147% after opening in Japan and took $1.6m over the three-day period. Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof entered at number 12 this weekend, generating $1.5m from four territories - $1.1m was taken in Italy alone. Turistas (aka Paradise Lost) re-entered the chart with $1.2m at the weekend after opening in the UK and Italy. Meet The Robinsons, Ghost Rider and 300 all also re-entered the chart.

Pirates on course for treasure
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (US)$103,220,0005,898$406,410,000102
2(2)Spider-Man 3 (US)$12,613,2371,466$526,750,39576
3(3)Zodiac (US)$5,898,3203,086$26,354,69436
4(4)Shrek The Third (US)$4,345,2385,404$28,027,8838
5(8)Secret Sunshine (S Kor)$2,389,5847,444$6,570,1961
6(5)Fracture (US)$2,250,4142,211$24,325,07216
7(7)28 Weeks Later (US-UK-Sp)$2,019,8771,990$16,474,52416
8NewDainihonjin (Japan)$1,865,2538,440$1,886,0191
9(22)Shooter (US)$1,625,2582,211$44,638,19637
10NewWedding Daze (US)$1,598,1044,632$1,598,1041
11(10)Mr Bean's Holiday (US-UK-Fr)$1,591,773925$181,382,77638
12NewDeath Proof (US)$1,503,6093,606$1,503,6094
13NewTeng Nong Khon Ma Ha Hear (Thai)$1,417,8368,056$1,449,6401
14(6)Shootout At Lokhandwala (Ind)$1,342,3723,136$5,774,19717
15*Turistas (aka Paradise Lost) (US)$1,245,0812,972$3,110,6722
1614Premonition (US)$1,116,6511,939$20,364,5087
17New88 Minutes (US-Ger)$996,1454,721$996,1452
18*Meet The Robinsons (US)$929,5731,468$51,522,00029
19NewMonkey King Vs Er Lang Shen (Chi)$910,000310$910,0001
20(12)Wild Hogs (US)$857,000872$78,473,00027
21*Ghost Rider (US)$851,9472,491$109,745,5336
22(9)Cheeni Kum (India)$765,8992,226$2,614,50114
23*300 (US)$733,2281,594$234,154,37611
24NewSono Toki Wa Kare Ni Yoroshiku (Jap)$730,9583,058$730,9581
25NewPaano Kita Iibigin (Phil)$714,6379,162$714,6371
26(25)Curse Of The Golden Flower (Chi-HK)$691,7482,047$65,209,26113
27NewIn The Land Of Women (US)$690,8192,407$690,8192
28NewFool And Final (Ind)$689,7352,169$689,73514
29(17)The Lives Of Others (Ger)$684,6121,521$56,468,84015
30(11)Next (US)$681,5751,303$24,843,76121
31(18)Bridge To Terabithia (US)$611,0921,025$40,071,85910
32(13)The Evil Twin (S Kor)$558,6182,793$2,517,4301
33(15)Stomp The Yard (US)$533,2131,661$10,695,3195
34*The Hitcher (US)$510,4211,298$4,476,0645
35(20)Unstoppable Marriage (S Kor)$504,6372,263$8,491,2651
36(27)The Diving Bell And The Butterfly (Fr-US)$475,8211,896$1,359,7733
37(16)TMNT (US-HK)$447,279983$36,512,61612
38*Pathfinder (US)$423,7915,504$13,086,72511
39(24)Bizan: The Mountain Of Mother's Love (Jap)$408,0211,402$7,391,5631
40(23)Love Songs (Fr)$403,5611,627$1,321,8572
*Re-entry(c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady.