The names of the 11 mostinfluential cinematographers of all time as voted by members of theInternational Cinematographers Guild (ICG) will be unveiled on a 'wall offame' at the opening of the ICG's new national headquarters inHollywood on Nov 8.

Billy Bitzer, JordanCronenweth, Conrad L Hall, James Wong Howe, Sven Nykvist, Vittorio Storaro,Gregg Toland, Haskell Wexler, Gordon Willis, Freddie Young and Vilmos Zsigmondwon the most votes during a recent survey.

ICG national presidentGeorge Spiro Dibie said members were deliberately asked not to choose whom theyregarded as the most talented cinematographers 'because that would belike asking artists to choose between Dali and Rembrandt'.

Ten names were originallysuggested but the number rose to 11 due to a tie.

Bitzer, Howe, Toland andYoung were among the first and second generations of trail-blazingcinematographers, while the other seven were at the vanguard of a new style ofexpression that began to emerge in the early 1950s.