The secondannual Don't Knock The Rock Film And Music Festival will kick off in Hollywoodon Aug 12 with Gandulf Hennig's Gram Parsons: Fallen Angel and closes on Aug 15 with VickiTischler-Blue's Edgeplay - A Film About The Runaways.

The annualthree-day film and music extravaganza launched last year by director AllisonAnders includes screenings of Michael Apted's Loretta Lynn biography CoalMiners' Daughter, MandyStein's blues documentary You See Me Laughin', and Denis Sanders' Elvis: That's TheWay It Is.

Other titlesinclude Jane Campion's A Girl's Own Story, Perry Henzell's The Harder They Come, and Cynthia Gianelli and Paul AllenNewell's Never Mind The Sex Pistols Here's The Bullocks.

'Webasically created a festival we would love to go to!" Anders said in astatement.

"Seeing rockfilms with an audience and hearing great bands with a crowd makes me forget thecommerce of both industries and celebrates the cooler reasons we work in eitherfilm or music.

"At the core ofus all, we're fans, and that's really who our festival exists to serve."