Andrew Morgan talks about his Cannes Market premiere The True Cost, executive produced by Livia Firth.

The filmmaker Andrew Morgan convinced Livia Firth (sustainability pioneer, founder of the Green Carpet Challenge, and wife of Colin Firth) to executive produce the eye-opening documentary The True Cost just by calling her office. “I just called her office and introduced myself. I said, ‘I feel like I need to make this film.’”

“For a long time I wanted to make a film about global inequality and poverty and the role business plays a part in that,” says the Los Angeles-based filmmaker. After Bangladesh’s Rana Plaza garment factory tragedy in 2013, he thought the fashion world could be his lens into these global issues,— from exploitation of cheap labour to bloggers promoting disposable fashion to cotton farming issues and toxic chemicals used in fabric dyes.

He filmed in 25 cities in 13 countries, speaking to the likes of Stella McCartney.

Livia Firth is using her considerable influence to drum up attention for the now-finished film, but she wasn’t heavy handed during production. “She pushed me to make the film I wanted to make. She said, if I could go tell the story from my perspective, it would have more resonance with the everyday person.” He hopes the film tells a meaningful, global story without becoming “a guilt trip.” 

Colin and Livia Firth will join the filmmaking team on Friday for a market screening and reception for the film (sold by The Film Sales Company).

Even on the glamorous red carpets of Cannes, he hopes the documentary can change perceptions for fashionistas (and even some regular Monoprix shoppers). He says, “I think a lot of people are going to start to care and to start to ask questions, and we can see profound change.”

After the film’s Cannes screening, there will be a series of European premieres and then a theatrical release in select global cities on May 29 followed by a global iTunes launch.