Andrew Niccol is attachedto direct Dali & I: The Surreal Story for David Sacks' Room 9 Entertainment.

Room 9 originally acquiredJohn Salvati's speculative screenplay based on Stan Lauryssen's book Daliand I.

Niccol is working on arewrite of the biopic, which will cover the life of Salvador Dali told throughthe eyes of Lauryssens, an art dealer who knew the legendary surrealist artistand his wife Gala.

Room 9 chief executiveofficer Sacks, Daniel Brunt, and Michael R Newman will produce.

'We're thrilled to becollaborating with Andrew,' Sacks said. 'From our first meeting itwas clear he was as fascinated by the character of Dali as we are, and he'sputting his proven gift as a writer and director to the task of bringing him tolife. We believe his Dali will be the kind of part actors dream about.'

Room 9's Brunt and Newman,both of whom were recently promoted to

partners andco-presidents, will oversee production for the company.

'Daniel and Michaelhave been with the company since day one,' Sachs said. 'Thispromotion recognises their commitment and ability to develop and produce smart,interesting, and highly original projects like Thank You For Smoking and Dali & I.'

Niccol is represented byCAA and attorney John LaViolette, and Room 9 is represented by attorney David JBloomfield.

Niccol's writing anddirecting credits include Gattacaand Lord Of War. He earned anOscar nomination for his screenplay for The Truman Show.