Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed grossed an estimated $6.1m at theweekend, raising its international running total to $76.7m for Warner Bros.

In its fourth week in the UK the picture added $1m from 471screens for a $25.8m running total there. France added $1.2m from 576 in itsthird week for $7.5m and Italy raised its total after two weekends to $2m.

The distributor reported that overall figures were down in Europedue to very hot weather at the weekend.

In Latin America, Mexico added $365,000 from 459 for $8.3m in itsfourth week and Brazil raised its total after the same amount of time to $3.4m.

Scooby opened in Taiwan on $48,000 from 65nationwide screens.