Peter Ansorge, former head of dramaat UK broadcaster Channel Four, has joined Inspired Movies as commissioning editor/executiveproducer in charge of new film projects.

Inspired Movies, an Anglo-Indian companybased in the U.K., is currently in production with Take 3 Girls, itsfirst English language film, starring Charlie Brooks (in her first role sinceleaving soap opera EastEnders), Caroline Chikezie (Footballer's Wives)and Karen David (Batman - Intimidation Game, Bollywood Queen and theoriginal cast of Mamma Mia).

Take 3 Girls is a feelgood film about three tough talking streetwise girl musicianswho find an unlikely benfactor in the form of a bankrupt Asian businessman(played by Kabir Bedi).

The screenplay is by Farrukh Dhondyand it is being directed by Baz Taylor. Further productions include an Indianfilm noir (made in English) called Exists And Entrances, Cowboys AndIndians and Natasha.

Inspired Movies says it aims to make12 films a year.