Darcy Antonellis has been promoted to president of Warner Bros Technical Operations and will lead the studio's efforts to establish new delivery platforms and technical, business and legal standards for digital distribution and copyright protection.

Antonellis moves up from her dual role of executive vice president of distribution and technology operations at Warner Bros Technical Operations and senior vice president of worldwide anti-piracy operations at Warner Bros Entertainment.

Antonellis will also oversee the studio's worldwide supply chain, from sourcing, procurement, conversion and logistics management to coordination and collaboration with partners and retailers. She retains her previous oversight of Warner Bros Advanced Digital Services, Worldwide Anti-Piracy Operations and GDMX (Global Digital Media Xchange).

Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group President Kevin Tsujihara, to whom Antonellis will report, called her a 'visionary force behind the company's transition from traditional media to the digital world.'

Antonellis joined the company in 1998 as senior vice president of distribution technologies and operations at Warner Bros Technical Operations, where she oversaw the studio's transition from traditional distribution technologies to advanced digital distribution

Prior to joining Warner Bros Technical Operations, Antonellis was vice president of technical and Olympic operations for CBS and also served as vice president of operations and engineering for Fox's Washington DC affiliate WTTG-TV.