The ProducersGuild of America (PGA) will present Antwone Fisher producers Todd Black and DenzelWashington with the second Stanley Kramer Award at the 14th Annual PGAwards onMar 2 in Los Angeles. The accolade was established to honour a producer whose work'illuminates provocative social issues in an accessible and elevatingfashion'. The picture, which opened in the US last year and markedWashington's directorial debut, is a true-life drama based on a youngsailor who overcomes his traumatic past with the help of a Naval psychiatrist.

In a statementissued today (Jan 9) Karen Kramer congratulated the two producers, adding: 'Thisfilm lives up to the Stanley Kramer legacy by making a unique statement about aman's inhumanity and his ability to challenge all of us to rise abovenegative circumstances and nourish hope so we can overcome obstacles that havebeen forced upon us.'

Black andWashington said: 'We have been involved with this project for severalyears. It was important to us to bring Antwone Fisher's story to the screenbecause it needed to be told. This incredible man defied the odds and triumpheddespite everything that stood in his way. It is our hope that those strugglingwill be inspired by Antwone Fisher and realise that one doesn't have to be a victim of circumstance.There is always an opportunity to change one's life. We are honored that thePGA has chosen us to receive the Stanley Kramer Award.'

The PGA will announce its 2003 nominees on Jan 16. Aspreviously reported in Screendaily (Nov 14, 2002), several special honoureeshave already been named: Jack Valenti for the Milestone Award; Robert Evans forThe David O Selznick Lifetime Achievement Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures;George Lucas for the Vanguard Award for outstanding achievement in new mediaand technology; and The Visionary Award to Rita Wilson for her involvement withlast year's $200m-plus independent hit, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.