Arclight Films has completed a string of deals on Michael Radford's The Merchant Of Venice, starring Al Pacino.

MGM has taken the film for the UK, Art Port for Japan, Manga for Spain, Paradise for Russia and New Films for Eastern Europe and Latin America.

The $30m film of Shakespeare's play will begin production in Luxembourg on November 23. It was originally scheduled to start shooting in September this year.

Al Pacino plays Shylock, while Jeremy Irons has replaced Ian McKellen in the role of Antonio and Joseph Fiennes stars as Bassanio, the suitor of the beautiful heiress Portia played by newcomer Lynne Collins.

The Merchant Of Venice is an Avenue Pictures, Spice Factory, Movision, Navidi-Wilde production with the UK Film Council, Studios DeLux and Immagine E Cinema.

Producers are Cary Brokaw, Jason Piette, Michael Cowan and Barry Navidi with Peter James, James Simpson, Manfred Wilde and Michael Hammer executive producing.

The film will shoot over 14 weeks in Venice, Italy and Luxembourg.